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The COMMIT Story by Geleyn Meijer, member COMMIT/ board
The results and highlights of the COMMIT/program

New opportunities in Commit2Data by Boudewijn Haverkort, chairman Commit2Data
Keynote Mathematical Decision Making in Poker by Anatoliy Babic, Mathlete & Co founder of SciSports

Pitches about ICT research

Optimal step frequency, Ben van Oeveren, VU, P03 SENseI

Programmable networks and green ICT, Paola Grosso, UvA, P20 IV-e

Seeking Interaction, Ronald Poppe & Coert van Gemeren, Utrecht University, P04 VIEWW

Aligning human and computer visual representations, Ramakrishnan, Kandan, UvA, P01 INFINITI

Predicting affective state of a runner using an accelerometer, Joey van der Bie, HvA, P03 SENseI

Social touch in human-robot interaction, Merel Jung, University of Twente, P04 VIEWW

Secure and deterministic data processing in Cyber Infrastructure, Cees de Laat, UvA, P20 IV-e

Battle of the Colas, Roel Bertens, Utrecht University, P19 TimeTrails

INTELiRun: Run with Intelligence, Vikas Kannav, Infosys Limited, P03 SENseI

Smart reasoning for well-being: Detecting work stress, Saskia Koldijk, Sense Health, P07 SWELL

P20 in 140 characters, Henri Bal, VU, P20 IV-e

The scientific brain donation fund, Mari Wigham, Wageningen Food and Biobased Research, P26 eFoodLab

Bringing research to the general public, Sanne van Deurloo, NEMO Kennislink in cooperation with COMMIT/

A commit to crowd simulation research, Roland Geraerts, Utrecht University, P04 VIEWW

Virtual Agents for Social Skills Training, Jeroen Linssen, University of Twente, P02 IUALL

Change the world Maarten de Rijke, UvA, P01 INFINITI