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About VicarVision

At VicarVision we use the term vicarious perception to illustrate the underlying purpose of our technology, which is to automatically observe the world and translate what is perceived into human understandable terms.

We create vicarious perception technologies to facilitate analysis and interpretation of image and video data. Our products support or replace human observers in efficient and accurate routine processing of large amounts of visual information.

We provide efficient and easy to use tools ranging from biometric applications to automated video analysis software. Applications areas include: law enforcement, security, e-commerce, enterprise solutions, and of course image content providing. With our technology businesses, organizations and consumers can achieve effective and easy management of visual content and realize straightforward interaction with large image databases.

Why vicarious perception?

The business opportunities created by utilizing digital visual content are rapidly increasing as result of the advances made in imaging and multimedia technology over the last few decades. A single photo or a graph can illustrate in much detail what multiple paragraphs or pages cannot. With the introduction of digitized images, cheap mass storage devices as well as inexpensive sophisticated software and hardware for creating and manipulating images, visual content has become a widely available effective communication tool.

However, managing the ever expanding bulk of image data becomes problematic as manually organizing and structuring huge amounts of images is a time-consuming and laborious task. There exists a growing demand for user-friendly and transparent tools that assist and support a human user in keeping track of this important information. These tools should enable easy and intuitive search in databases through intelligent classification, categorization, retrieval, annotation and indexing of visual content. Vicar Vision focuses on the development of innovative image processing technologies that make this possible.

VicarVision was founded in 2001 as spin-off company of Sentient Machine Research and is building on and expanding Sentient's image processing and analysis technologies. As such we have considerable expertise in a wide range of image processing domains.