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About Textkernel

Textkernel is an innovative and fast growing software company that offers solutions based on language technology. Textkernel specializes in document understanding, web mining and semantic search & matching. Textkernel translates these text mining and information extraction technologies into effective custom-made business solutions for all industries. Working with Textkernel will save your company time and money on manual data entry processes and will help you retrieve the information you are looking for.

HR Applications

Since its foundation in 2001, Textkernel has established itself internationally as one of the market leaders in the field of information extraction software in the HR industry. For this market Textkernel has developed a product suite that helps HR professionals save time processing applications (Extract! & Sourcebox), looking for suitable candidates (Search!), and conducting market analysis on online vacancies (Jobfeed).

Company information

Textkernel is a privately held commercial R&D spin-off from research in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning at the University of Tilburg, Antwerp and Amsterdam. Textkernel was founded in 2001 by Jakub Zavrel (CEO) and Remko Bonnema (CTO). In 2005 Gerard Mulder joined the company as a Commercial Director. Textkernel has proven itself as a reliable partner and its products and services are being used by more than 1.000 satisfied customers. Currently Textkernel has a team of around 30 people, largely language technology and software engineering experts at PhD and MSc level, from all across the world.

The technology behind Textkernel

Textkernel is developing new technology for advanced information extraction and text understanding in order to provide computers with full power over large volumes of unstructured textual information.