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Tendris Solutions

Out perform sustainability

Tendris Solutions is our in house research and development lab and the heart of change. The decisive factor for developing new products is durability and profitability.

In our labs, we develop sustainable energy and environmental technologies. With these innovations, we aim to promote a conscious use of our planet’s limited natural energy sources and, eventually, contribute to a world using less energy.

Tendris Solutions is a founding partner of the Water Reference Center (WRC) to realize the dream of waking up in a world without any water related problems, by focusing on the following areas:
Sea Wells (gaining fresh water from salt water), Heaven Wells (water from the fogs and clouds) and Air Wells (generating water from the air).

The Water Reference Center (WRC) is a partnership between Chetty Foundation, Red Cross Kenya, Redd Cross Seychelles, the University of Seychelles, KPGCV and Tendris Solutions.

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Currently, a variety of revolutionary technologies is in development at our Dutch-based Tendris Solutions lab. To say the least, it is an exciting place to be. Teams of scientists and innovators work on tomorrow’s projects.