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As a telescope or microscope extends human vision, SynerScope extends human analytic capability.

Company Profile

SynerScope was founded in 2011 as a high-tech spin-off company of the Information Visualization group of Eindhoven University of Technology headed by prof. Jack van Wijk. Based on award-winning research performed at the same university by Danny Holten, our Chief Science Officer (CSO), and inspired by the business vision of Jan-Kees Buenen, our CEO, SynerScope provides advanced BI/"Big Data" analysis software that directly allows actual domain experts and analysts to make sense of their "Big Data".

SynerScope's Solution

The human brain has far more processing power available for making sense of visual stimuli than tables of numbers. SynerScope uses sophisticated software to present massive amounts of data in a way that rapidly becomes intuitive with only a few days of training.

As a telescope or microscope extend human vision, Synerscope extends human analytic capability. Another valid analogy lies in medical imaging, where an MRI or CAT scan takes digital output and presents it as a picture. SynerScope is not a mere presentation tool; the visuals are fully interactive so users can "drill down" into their data with a few mouse clicks to carry out detailed analysis of abnormalities. Unlike normal data-mining approaches, Synerscope is not rule-based, but uses the innate power of the human perceptual system to analyze visual cues much more flexibly than a computer can.