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Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

About Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum is the museum of the Netherlands. The collection comprises 1.1 million objects from and about the Netherlands, dating from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. The main building is currently being renovated and restored, so The Masterpieces (four hundred of the finest works from the 17th century) will be on display in the Philips Wing.

Even in this small setting, the Rijksmuseum still attracts about 900,000 visitors each year. In 2013, a entirely renovated Rijksmuseum will open its doors to the public. They will be greeted by a stunning building, amazing interior design, wonderful exhibitions, lively events, and many fine amenities for young and old. Vision The Rijksmuseum links individuals with art and history.

At the Rijksmuseum, art and history take on new meaning for a broad-based, contemporary national and international audience.

As a national institute, the Rijksmuseum offers a representative overview of Dutch art and history from the Middle Ages onwards, and of major aspects of European and Asian art. The Rijksmuseum keeps, manages, conserves, restores, researches, prepares, collects, publishes, and presents artistic and historical objects, both on its own premises and elsewhere.