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Noldus Information Technology

About Noldus Information Technology

Noldus Information Technology develops, markets, and supports innovative software, instruments, integrated systems, and services for behavioral research. These allow scientists and practitioners to enhance the quality of their data, to increase productivity, and to make optimal use of human or animal resources. Our solutions are designed to meet the needs of our customers, offering them the following key benefits:

  • Enhanced quality: Our advanced technology allows more accurate measurement of behavior, and therefore a higher quality of collected data.
  • Increased productivity: Automated systems replace manual work and allow people to do more in less time.
  • Optimal use of human resources: By letting computers do the tedious routine work, researchers and technicians can focus on more interesting tasks.
  • Optimal use of animal resources: Our technology allows behavioral measurements to take place under natural and animal-friendly circumstances, while continuous automated observation maximizes the amount of information collected per animal.

These advances contribute to the refinement and reduction of laboratory animal testing.

Noldus Information Technology has eleven offices in seven different countries. Noldus Information Technology was established in 1989 by Lucas Noldus, who serves as president of the company. Lucas holds a Ph.D. degree in animal behavior from Wageningen University. During his research on the behavioral ecology of parasitoid wasps, he developed the first version of what later became The Observer® software package.