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Motek Medical

Motek Medical provides innovative products for rehabilitation, orthopaedics, neurology, performance enhancements and research. Integrated virtual reality environments that combine motion platforms, instrumented treadmills, motion capture systems and surround sound, training movement functions and improving stability. Game elements and rich immersive interactions enable better user presence. The technology uses multi sensory real-time feedback and offline analysis tools.

The vision of Motek Medical is to create, develop, integrate and implement revolutionary technologies for the medical industry. Bridging research and commercial development, utilizing its patented technologies. MOTEK Medical is widely recognized for its innovations in rehabilitation technology and its achievements in shortening rehabilitation processes for orthopedic and neurological patients.

Motek Medical is the leader in integrated reality rehabilitation therapy for orthopedic and neurological movement disorders. The Netherlands based medical technology company develops innovative technology solutions cooperating with leading hospitals and medical research universities and academic centers.