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Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum (LUMC)

About LUMC (Leiden University Medical Center)

The LUMC is a modern knowledge centre. The more than 7000 staff members of the LUMC are passionate about improving patient care through scientific research. We offer courses of instruction and continuing education to train doctors for this purpose. The LUMC focuses on top clinical and highly specialised care: the complex medical issues for which there are often not yet any answers. With patient care and research labs under one roof, patients, doctors and researchers collaborate to develop new treatment methods.

One of the eight medical centres in the Netherlands, the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) has five core tasks:

  • patient care
  • scientific research
  • education
  • study programmes
  • continuing education.

Patient care is largely focused on highly specialised care, the sort of care that cannot be provided anywhere else. The LUMC also offers a broad package of top-level clinical care, including organ transplants, cardiovascular interventions and all types of bone marrow transplants.

The research conducted in the LUMC is both fundamental and patient- and care-oriented. A considerable portion of the research centres on the translation from fundamental research to its use in patient care (from bench to bedside and vice versa). The research in the LUMC will be aimed at early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, a better understanding of migraine, the energy economy in healthy people and patients with diabetes, and the process of ageing. Important research themes in the LUMC are: ageing, neurosciences, vascular medicine, infectious diseases and immunology, cancer immunotherapy, regenerative medicine, oncogenetics, genetic epidemiology and bio-informatics.

The LUMC offers degree courses in Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. The training of medical specialists is also a core task of the LUMC. Medical specialists are trained in 27 specialities in collaborative clusters of general hospitals in the vicinity.

The Boerhaave Committee is another part of the LUMC. Its focus is the provision of high-quality training at post-academic and post-graduate as well post-vocational levels.