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Koninklijke Bibliotheek

About Koninklijke Bibliotheek (Royal Library)

The Koninklijke Bibliotheek is the national library of the Netherlands: we bring people and information together. Our core values are: accessibility, sustainability, innovation and cooperation.


  • We offer everyone everywhere access to everyhthing published in and about the Netherlands.
  • We play a central role in the (scientific) information infrastructure of the Netherlands.
  • We promote permanent access to digital information nationally and internationally.

The KB will work intensively in the coming years to realise a digital library that will offer everyone access to all digital and printed publications that appear in the Netherlands.

Major activities:

  • Deposit library for Dutch printed and electronic publications and the national bibliography.
  • Preservation, management, documentation and accessibility of the national cultural heritage.
  • Research library for the history, language and culture of the Netherlands.
  • Centre of expertise for digitization, digital preservation and preservation.
  • Research and development of scholarly information International focal point for libraries.


  • 6 million items = 110 km of library materials (books, newspapers, journals)
  • 12,500 current periodicals 850 m. of microforms

Acquisition: The deposit collection grows by an average of 50.000 books and 83,000 issues of periodicals per year. Annually about 2 million digital items are loaded in the e-Depot system.

The KB also houses special collections including: mediaeval and modern manuscripts, old and rare books, pamphlets, book bindings, marbled papers and books on the history of paper, chess- and draughts, newspapers, cookery books and children's books.