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Vision: ICT-related innovations

We live and work in a networked society. Consumers communicate through the internet with service providers, the Dutch government is becoming an i-Government and organizations increasingly collaborate digitally. This networked society creates opportunities, not just threats. Opportunities for new business models, opportunities for better services and opportunities to reduce cost. Organisations need to innovate in order to seize these opportunities.

Strategy: research-based advice

InnoValor advises organisations how to realize ICT-related innovations. We take pride in our academic roots and choose a research-based approach: research-based advice.  We  are skilled academics, often with PhDs. To stay innovative we continuously participate in research projects. for example, within the European Institute of Technology/ICT Labs and Horizon 2020 program.

As ground-breaking innovations rarely come through splendid isolation, we advocate innovating in consortia and involving all stakeholders needed in innovation projects. We are independent are not afraid to challenge our clients. We are only satisfied with our  results when our clients experience their impact.

Besides advise, we deliver sofware and software services in the field of NFC and identity management.

Our focus: digital trust, business models, agility, and innovation management

Good advice requires expertise and domain knowledge. Our focus is on what we find essential drivers for ICT-based innovation: digital trust, robust business models, agility and innovation management.

We primarily work for the governmental organisations, the financial sector, health sector, and service providers.

History: from research institute to advice organization

InnoValor was founded end of 2013 by former employees of the research institute Novay and Novay spin-off INZYCHT. InnoValor thus has a long history in ICT-related research and research-based advice dating back to 1991. Novay was recognised by Ministry of Economic Affairs as a technology top institute, founded by companies such as KPN, Philips, ING, Rabobank and IBM in collaboration with various (technical) universities. Until 2009 Novay was called the Telematica Institute and the forerunner of the Telematica Institute was called Telematica Research Centre. Novay ended its operations in 2014.