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(tot 01/09/2014 Cybermind)

Who we are

Cinoptics is a dynamic company driven by entrepreneur Vincent Graham. Supported and complemented by a team of highly committed employees, Cinoptics evolved into a professional organization with great capabilities, knowledge and skills.

Amongst these core attributes, Cinoptics has proven to be a reliable partner for over 15 years. Due to our experience, vision, extensive network and comprehensive portfolio of products and services, we can transform specific needs into tangible results.

Cinoptics offers a clear perspective on complex technologies. Aware of fast-paced innovations in the industry, we adapt to these developments with a down to earth approach. We  maintain high quality standards and therefore provide ground breaking solutions that allow creation of immersive realities.

Our craftsmanship combined with vision, ensures that today’s concepts will manifest in tomorrow’s applications and shall continuously push new boundaries.

What we do

Cinoptics defines, designs and manufactures electronic optic systems for integration in Virtual and Augmented Reality applications. We specialize in producing high-end Head Mounted Displays. In addition to our off the shelf products, Cinoptics provides “building blocks” that enable our customers to create their own products through our OEM Development program.

Cinoptics works independently as well as commissioned for several companies worldwide. Our commitment to translate custom requirements into genuine and total solutions is the foundation of our company and of any partnership. We initiate and participate in various projects  where Virtual and Augmented Reality can be useful.

Our products are used in research for academic purposes, in training and simulation and in medical healthcare applications.

Our in-house developed electronics platform and flexible designs allow us to implement the latest technologies and to anticipate on future innovations, as “Immersive Realities” will have an increasing influence on the way we live, work and learn.