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Centrum voor Innovatie van Opleidingen (Cinop)


CINOP is an independent, international research and consultancy agency specialised in lifelong learning, vocational education & training (VET), adult education, carreer guidance and human resource development.

Based in the Netherlands, we offer services to governments, educational institutions, sectoral organisations and businesses. From strategic and policy advice to practical implementation. Within and outside the traditional educational context. That is how CINOP brings learning to life.

In the past 10 years CINOP has supported hundreds of clients and carried out numerous projects successfully. We are proud of the confidence that clients have in our ability.

Learning for life

We believe in the continuous development of people. This because learning does not stop at initial education. Every day people gather new knowledge and develop their skills; in a formal, non-formal or informal way. They do so in further education, at the workplace or as a citizen in social society. For us, talent exists at all levels: any time any place.

Quality improvement and innovation

Employing more than 180 trained professionals, we provide solutions to improve the quality of vocational education and training. We are also specialised in the development of new models, methods and tools in learning and teaching. CINOP has a broad experience in carrying out complex, multidisciplinary and innovative projects. In particular, the focus is on long term programme management in which we support clients during the whole process; from programme development to implementation.

Multidisciplinary capabilities

Our researchers and consultants offer different academic backgrounds: educationalists, human resources professionals, language specialists, organisation developers, ICT experts, economists and communication consultants. Depending on type of project we decide which combination of skills will be most effective to put in place. But above all we work together with a joint goal in mind: enabling people to use their talents.