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About Almende

Almende is a Dutch research company specialized in information and communication technologies. Central to all our research is the concept of self-organization. We believe that computer systems and technology should support people in performing their professional tasks and organizing their daily lives. This means that ICT should learn to work for and with people, according to their individual wishes and demands. At the core of all Almende solutions are hybrid agent networks: humans and computers working together. We look towards agent technology to develop smart software that truly supports people in organizing their own lives.


Founded in 2000, Almende is a Rotterdam based research company specialized in organizing networks. Almende is positioned at a crossroads of academic research, innovation, development and industry, which makes it a versatile and trustworthy partner in research projects. Almende's research focuses on information and communication technology, especially multi-agent technology. Almende’s strength is using the principles of self-organization as a source of inspiration for innovative and surprising solutions.


The company consists of research staff, PhD students, project managers and software developers. This gives Almende a broad range of in-house scientific expertise and skills. Almende makes fundamental contributions to European and national research projects in the domains of telecommunications, logistics, incident management, health care, energy management, sensor networks and neurorobotics. Almende's unique position results in a growing number of partnerships with Dutch and European universities and knowledge institutes. Furthermore, Almende invests in long-term relationships with visionary enterprises from a several application domains.

Our aim is to convert fundamental research into innovative business concepts and real-world applications by creating spin-off companies. These subsidiary companies become part of the Almende Investments group.