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WOPMOM: Workflow Process Modeling & Management

IV-e (e-Infrastructure Virtualization for e-Science Applications)

Objectives: WP20.8 will investigate the challenging issues in modeling and integrating workflow processes of complex experiments, which go beyond execution of installed modules and may involve experimentation with a kind of exploratory programming.

These issues are: programming models and tools support for collaborations, achieving reusability cross multiple workflow management systems and provisioning both computing and network resources required sustaining CPU and data intensive applications.

The aim is to study and develop a workflow management environment that supports the different phases of the workflow lifecycle: modeling of complex workflows, scheduling and monitoring their execution, and collecting and analyzing data in a collaborative way. The main task for the AiO is to develop new methods for modelling and enacting workflow on grid and cloud resources and to allow multi-workflow engine execution.

These new methods will be validated using applications developed by the consortium; especially through the collaboration with P24 where workflow support is needed in two WPs: P24.2 and P24.3. This WP will closely collaborate with WP9 in providing methods for complex applications modelling and programming. This WP will also collaborate with P1 on methods of semantic integration and with P2 on collaboration methods and tools.

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