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Valorisation, demontration, deployment, long-term user evaluation

SenseI (Sensor based Engagement for Improved Health)



  •  Deployment of intermediate prototypes built in WP7
  • Long-term user evaluation of application and post experiment surveillance

Deployment of intermediate prototypes: During the research intermediate prototypes will be made available that are suited for user studies. Starting from a paper prototype we will work to a functional prototype that will be tested with end users. Results will be discussed with stakeholders in a series of workshops that lead to the definition of the golden demo.

Long-term user evaluation of application and post experiment surveillance: A random selection of the student population (2350) of the School of Sports and Nutrition can test the beta releases of the app. We evaluate the consumer satisfaction and impact of the app in facilitating and motivating sports and exercise in three different groups: 1.sustainable user groups, 2.dropouts and 3. Non-users (but potential users).

Validation studies to evaluate causal relationships between system intervention and motivational behaviours and user activity, health and experience: This task builds upon the task on identification of motivational behaviour in WP2. The task will involve 2-4 controlled experiments with users ‘in the wild’ where we expose participants with alternative conditions for the system to assess causal effects of the system’s motivational behaviour on user activity and experience.

Dissemination among prospective user communities: To maximize the potential of the platform, the project partners will spread the word about the system, also outside of scientific circles. Sense and Almende are well-connected in the communities for open data and “self-quantification”, which touch on the subject matter of the project. We will demonstrate the application at international conferences such as the International Open Data Day, or the annual Quantified Self conference.

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