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User interfaces for non-curated media (UI)

SEALINCMedia (Socially-enriched access to linked cultural media)

Objectives: design, development and evaluation of user interfaces for searching linked data.

The project builds on the success of previous e-culture projects that developed time/space/faceted navigation and semantic search interfaces for curated museum content.

This WP will extend previous work into the domain of non-curated content from the Web. This will involve making space/time/facetted navigation work on potentially imprecise, incomplete and incorrect data of which the schema is not known a priori, visualizing access & trust indicators (as developed by WP8) of (non) curated search results, and extending the search engine's landing page interface (WP6) to support users in semi-automatic tagging (leveraging the automatic labeling techniques developed in WP2 and manual techniques in P23). Conducting, with CWI, user evaluation studies and potentially user-log analysis will extend the data-provider role of B&G and KB.

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