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User-defined Visualization of Heterogeneous, Uncertain Information

METIS (Dependable Cooperative Systems for Public Safety)

Objectives: WP6 aims at the development of methods to present large amounts of heterogeneous information about the situation being monitored, in combination with meta-information about the system that has collected this information. This will result in a User-Defined Operational Picture (UDOP), providing specifically tailored situational awareness based on the current situation and the role of the user.

Topics are the presentation of data-quality, the presentation of uncertain data, the coupling between information and its source, as well as the presentation of the system configuration and its status. Based on the approach and results of the other WPs, especially WP1, a number of typical scenarios are identified and studied in depth.

An example of a generic use case here is monitoring of moving objects by a net of sensors, where collisions with (possibly also moving) areas have to be avoided, and directions must be given. Dependent on the status of the sensors, information can be more or less reliable, and also, future positions are by definition uncertain. Prototype simulators are developed that act as data generators, novel visualization methods are developed to present these, and via user testing

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