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Trust & access policies (TAP)

SEALINCMedia (Socially-enriched access to linked cultural media)

Objectives: this research concerns the management of trust and authority for accessing, integrating and distributing information resources with varying access limitations, ranging from open Web sources to confidential sources.

Museum and television collections are made publicly available and contributions come from the open Web. We aim to develop a framework for controlling Web access and trusting contributed distributed content. Different access policies will be needed for "open" access by the public and for specialists providing metadata.

In particular it will be a challenge to develop a framework in which different specialists can get different access policies based on different levels of trust. In this context we will collaborate with WP7 on visualizing trust. We will develop an ontology that captures the key concepts involved in trust and authority. This ontology will leverage work in data provenance from P23, which records the origin, source and derivation of an item. Based on this ontology we will develop algorithms for determining trust.

The main questions tackled in this WP focus on

  1. How should trust and authority of data and metadata be represented in Web formats?
  2. How can one identify and represent trust and authority policies in a mixed (open Web, limited access, confidential) environment?
  3. Which algorithms need to be developed using the trust/authority ontology and the policy representations to determine trust?
  4. What are the reasoning techniques to summarize and abstract provenance to enable the construction of effective trust algorithms and visualizations?

RMA, KB and EU will supply requirements for trust and help VU in conducting evaluation studies.

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