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Trail Mining

TimeTrails (Spatiotemporal Data Warehouses for Trajectory Exploitation)

Objectives: Design and implement a generic template for a real-world application framework, and provide sample instantiations.

Background: Real-world application scenarios form both a challenge that provides the data for the research done in work packages WP1, WP2, WP4, as well as a gauge to assess the applicability and socio-economical impact of the of the algorithms, techniques and reference architectures developed in this project.

Description of work: This work package will design and implement a template for a real-world application framework, provide requirements and guidelines how to instantiate the template for various application domains and usage scenarios. Using traffic data of various sources, trip and statistical data from navigation communities. This framework serves as a platform to perform feasibility studies and performance analysis of existing and newly developed spatiotemporal mining techniques as well as the respective extended database technology developed in the course of this project.

Given the real-world data and application scenarios, we will develop suitable benchmarks for feasibility studies and performance assessment. Traffic data of various sources, trip and statistical data from navigation communities, as well as usage scenarios from WP1 (KNMI) will be used to demonstrate a sample instantiations of the framework template.

A Route & Trail mining demonstrator will show how the techniques developed help to discover patterns and relationships in and derive information from GPS probe data that then serve as valuable input to develop robust routing.

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