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Systems Integration and Application development for Golden demo

SenseI (Sensor based Engagement for Improved Health)


The golden demo is targeted towards effectively showcasing the innovations coming out of COMMIT-P3 project. The key objectives are:

  1. Act as an effective demonstrator of innovations coming out of P3 by integrating all the research outputs into a cohesive and relevant application
  2. Enable easy evaluation of various research deliverables
  3. To be robust enough to enable pilot and early trials with the general user population
  4. Demonstrate outcomes of P3 in 2 phases (end of year 2 and year 4) enabling mid-term assessment of the project

The golden demo (hence forth referred to as application) will span both mobile and cloud spaces and the targeted users of the application will be:

  1. Users seeking to effectively achieve their health goals by using sensor driven personalized coaching capabilities provided by P3 project
  2. Experts who look at user data and suggest post-facto interventions
  3. Healthcare researchers who can access aggregated training data to detect health patterns of national significance
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