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Support for Querying Complex Data Sets

Data2Semantics (From Data to Semantics for Scientific Data Publishers)

Objective: Develop platform-independent tools that enable retrieval of distributed complex data sets.

Practical tools are needed to provide the means to analyse data utility, and enable uniform access to distributed data resources and their models.

The programmer will help to develop the tools in support of the AIO in WP1 but also help to complete interface and (grid) implementation issues. Important interface issues include: incorporation of configurable vocabularies into the UI, query building tools that help the user to find appropriate terms and completions for a valid query, query federation, transparent mapping of vocabularies and ontological query translation, scoping and access control of vocabularies across organizational boundaries, transparent job farming and parameter sweeping, etc.

Work will result in a mature infrastructure for storage, retrieval, and collaborative annotation of distributed (grid) resources using selected vocabularies. Source code developed will be made public.

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