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SD: Software Development

INFINITI (Information retrieval for information services)


To consolidate and validate modules developed in WP1-WP4 and to integrate these into a set of robust web services that support issue management “in the large” (in news, politics, user generated data) and “in the small” (on a specific discussion platform). To launch the web services early on in the project and to incrementally update them with the project’s results. To aid project partners in preparing modules for integration in the project’s web services. To aid partners in writing client applications that use the project’s web services.


Web services have become a popular way of providing data, compute or knowledge intensive computational facilities across the web. A particularly relevant example is Reuter’s OpenCalais service that provides an entity recognition service through a standard API. UvA’s Fietstas service is another example for the Dutch language. The project’s services will go beyond this by (additionally) providing stakeholder, perspective, and frame finding services as well as a dynamic summarization service.


The core applications are issue management and knowledge enrichment.

Description of work

  • Task 5.1: baseline web service with data gathering, search, simple annotation and term clouding functionality; uptime at least 90%; at least 10 online news sources, 1000 blog-like sources, all relevant parliamentary sources (“handelingen,” “kamervragen,” “moties”); able to annotate at least 10,000 items per day (UvA, IRN).
  • Task 5.2: extend sources, uptime at least 95%, extended annotations (frames, dynamic topics, stakeholders, extractive summaries) (UvA, Talking Trends).
  • Task 5.3: improved uptime, added functionality (dynamic stakeholders, events); golden demos selected from the project’s applications (UvA, IRN).
  • Task 5.4: uptime at least 99%, added functionality (generative summaries); preparing for post- project handover (UvA, IRN).
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