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Smart Well-being Applications for Flexible Working

SWELL (Smart Reasoning Systems for Well-being at Work and at Home)

Objectives: The main objective of this WP is to improve the effectiveness and flexibility of (nomadic) workers by developing methods, an integrated infrastructure, and applications to facilitate personalized access to relevant context information of themselves, co-workers and work activities.

We focus on providing and effectively presenting all sorts of context information to a (nomadic) worker to enable to become and stay ‘in sync’ and ‘in touch’ with co-workers and their work activities. This deals with developing a context management architecture that is suitable to support various user centric and intelligent well-working scenarios. Additionally, pre- and post-processing of context and work related information to facilitate such scenarios is a focal point.

The increased variance in work setting with respect to place, time and collaboration activity makes nomadic work becoming more and more important. Therefore better information management and context-rich information handling strategies are required to support workers in this kind of work setting.

To realize our objective, we design, integrate, demonstrate, and validate the added value of the functionalities provided by the UCR4W reasoning (WP2) and privacy components (WP3) for applications supporting well-working (mobile office) scenarios (WP1).

This work package builds an integrated intelligent workplace system that maintains a personal semantic profile of the worker’s context and activities (both current and historic), investigates and implements user interaction strategies; researches designs, and demonstrates and evaluates a well-working mobile application through pilots performed with real users in every day life. The system will be demonstrated as a “golden demo”, which is developed in several iterations.

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