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SemDIF: Semantic Description of Infrastructure

IV-e (e-Infrastructure Virtualization for e-Science Applications)


WP1 addresses the research question R1: How do we describe the different types of resources in RDF, such that the search and allocation of compatible and connected resources can be automated? The current challenge is to capture the virtualization of devices at all levels in the infrastructure, and to handle multiple levels of abstractions when composing sets of resources in multi-technology multi-domain environments. This works build on the experience gained with the development of NDL in the GigaPort project; it also creates research synergies with the ongoing efforts on models for e-Infrastructures in European projects such as NOVI and Geysers.

The goal of the workpackage is to produce ontologies for the different types of resources present in e-Infrastructure. The possibility to reason about resources opens up ways to more tightly coupled application demands and infrastructure capabilities. The PhD student will develop the schemas and the ontologies and will validate them using existing e-Science applications and simulation models. One promising area where we can apply our result is in the development of content-aware and data-centric network applications. The student will also develop a search mechanism that can logically reason about the resources based on their descriptions and automatically compose a virtual lab consisting of compatible components.

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