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Selecting, Combining and Interpreting Distributed Experimental Food Data

e-FOOD (e-Foodlab)

The objective is to apply vocabularies and associated services to interpret and integrate food science data, both in text format and as raw data, from different origins and backgrounds.

Presently, food researchers tend to store their research data and models locally and individually; only formal publications are shared with other researchers. Spreadsheets are used all over in agrifood – also in large companies such as Unilever and DSM – but lack proper annotation and structure. To enable sharing and tracing research data, a first version of OQR (Ontology of Quantitative Research) has been developed in the Food Informatics (VL-e) project as a common language for quantitative research.

OQR allows the formal description of quantitative data and their context information. OQR-enabled services can facilitate for example the exchange and interpretation of research data, and the coupling of models from different domains. Full integration of this approach in actual practice requires employing the ontology in several services that provide immediate support for food researchers. These generic services will enable the scientific semantic spreadsheet, electronic lab note, multi-sensor output integration, conceptual invocation of modelling software.A strong link to the e-Science Centre is expected to be established in 2011.

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