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Requirements, Validation and Socio-legal Context

THeCS (Trusted Healthcare Services)

In integrated healthcare systems, a large variety of providers and other stakeholders are involved. This work package identifies requirements for trusted healthcare, focusing on the 3 use cases:

  1. professional home healthcare services,
  2. consumer health and wellness services, and
  3. health communities.

On the basis of literature search and interviews with experts and users, the work package establishes the trust requirements. The work package will study the trustworthiness of services and the relationship between transparency, privacy and security.

Further, the work package studies the legal requirements regarding division of responsibilities and applicable legal data protection regime (e.g. data protection law, health law, regulations regarding the identification of citizens, both general and healthcare specific, and databases law).

A user driven approach will be taken; in which the users (different stakeholders) will be involved from the beginning. The methodology of involving users through a service design approach is applied through for example co-creation workshops with the different stakeholders. In this way the developed technology will meet the needs and demands of the users. A service blueprint will be developed describing the ecosystem of the product/service to be developed.

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