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Requirements, Architecture and Impact

SWELL (Smart Reasoning Systems for Well-being at Work and at Home)

Objectives: WP1 will elaborate a common vision and context for the project, sharpen its focus, furnish the architectural foundation, and study its impact on organizations.

WP1 builds on previous results in the area of requirements on and architectures for context-aware systems. These results were obtained by the participants in other projects, such as MultimediaN, Awareness and Smart Surroundings. WP1 will achieve its objectives by undertaking four main activities.

First, WP1 will capture and analyze domain and user requirements to understand the motivation, interests, priorities and abilities of various actors and players, establishing a context and reference for the design and development of technical solutions. Requirements elicitation will be based on stakeholder identification, scenario development, and use-case studies, all with special attention for well-being and well-working.

Second, WP1 will develop an overall architecture. This architecture provides a high level specification of person-centric reasoning and adaptive privacy components and functions, in accordance with the user and domain requirements. Results obtained in this activity are important to align and coordinate technical work in different work packages.

Third, WP1 will conduct user studies in order to uncover potential hurdles and provide insights regarding the motivation and expectations of users with respect to 'intelligent' technology support for work and well-being.

And fourth, WP1 will consider the intelligent workplace architectures and solutions against the background of a disruptively evolving societal and business context. This activity will develop ways to model, monitor and evaluate effects of information technology on the way people and businesses organize and experience work.

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