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Person Centric Reasoning at Home

SWELL (Smart Reasoning Systems for Well-being at Work and at Home)


This work package focuses on person reasoning in a home environment. The general objective of this work package is to devise a person-centric solution for persons at home with chronic conditions - like elderly people - based on miniaturized wireless inertial sensors, which provide distributed motion caption and intelligent recognition of activities and situations.

The results of this work package enables the recognition of patient condition in real-time, by exploiting the processing power of the sensor network in a collaborative manner. This means that the home becomes the main care environment, and, in addition, patients can receive real-time feedback in order to monitor, self-manage and improve their physical condition according to their specific situation.

Main challenges include the use of distributed, heterogeneous and incomplete sensor data to perform reliable and real-time reasoning in order to be able to give instantaneous and adequate feedback to the user.

Task 2.1. Distributes activity monitoring and reasoning

Design and develop distributed data processing, with the final goal of detecting reliably and in real-time the user condition, situation and activity. In addition, it explores how the system can adapt to the user specific conditions and learn about those situations that were not pre-programmed at development time.

Task 2.2. Interaction

This task focuses on enhanced user interaction and real-time feedback, mainly using simple and ubiquitous interface devices will be preferred, such as the TV, lights, or frame displays.

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