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P-Monitor: Monitor Pilot

VIEWW (Virtual worlds for well-being)

The concept of atmospherics refers to the design of an environment through the use of colors, lighting, sounds, and furnishings to stimulate perceptual and emotional response, and ultimately to affect their behavior. Atmospheric music, crowdedness, and other factors can expand and contract perceived duration, such as waiting time or playing time, as well as influence the perception of quality of service, and feelings of arousal, pleasure, stress, etc. Studies so far have been targeted mostly towards individuals and commercial applications (customers for goods and services). In this work package the work is directed towards monitoring, and possibly stimulating well-being of groups of people.

The aim is to develop a system and virtual environment to monitor activity of groups of people, and analyze the effect of various stimuli such as crowdedness and atmospheric music. The activity analysis will be based on wearable sensors and video analysis. To allow further experimentation, a virtual world will be built that is inhabited with virtual characters, some of which may be steered by observed people. The effects we are interested in are those related to well-being, such as feeling safe, comfortable, enjoyed, etc.

This work package will be implemented as a living lab project. We will consider two types of locations: recreation and activity rooms of a house for elderly, and NS railway stations. We expect that the findings in this pilot project will lead to up-take by societal and commercial parties such as houses for elderly and public environments.

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