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Molecular Imaging and Knowledge Management for Molecular Histology

e-BIOBANKING (e-Biobanking with Imaging for Healthcare)

The aim of this work packet is to establish an environment to process and evaluate large datasets originating from molecular histology using imaging mass spectrometry. A concise statistical analysis for the extraction of biomarker patterns from the molecular images is targeted to enable an innovative diagnosis approach in a biomedical imaging environment. Protocols will be established and employed to generated detailed mass spectrometry based molecular image datasets. The extracted molecular images together with their corresponding descriptive metadata will be stored in the Netherlands Virtual Tissue Bank.

In close collaboration with TI-COAST we will establish a workflow based knowledge management system that will build upon the KnowEx system developed in VL-e. Distributed processing of the large image datasets is considered using the IBIS cockpit system developed at the VU computer science group. The applications will be tested on breast cancer sections collected from the medical partners in this project. The virtual tissue bank will be filled with the molecular mass spectrometric images generated in the framework of this program from these sections to act as a reference database for medical professionals. The tissue microarray data of these diseases will be linked with the histological images when available.

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