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Integration and Consolidation

SENSAFETY (Sensor Networks for Public Safety)

Objective: Integration, evaluation and consolidation of the results of the architecture, stream processing platforms, networking protocols, and distributed processing techniques.

In WP5 the results of WP2, WP3, and WP4 will be integrated and evaluated based on the cases defined in WP1. For each case a small-scale prototype will be developed and evaluated. The work will be embedded in the architectural framework as developed in WP1, which will allow the various parts and protocols to be integrated in the overall demonstrators.

Work in WP5 will start with the first initial results from WP1, 2, 3 and 4 in M18. Integration is an iterative process that uses the results from the other WPs when they become available. Successful knowledge consolidation incorporates a variety of activities:

  1. the elaboration, quality improvement and generalization of research results,
  2. the application of the results in a different context, i.e., in different projects within or outside of COMMIT, in completely different user domains or for new industries, and
  3. the embedding of results in educational programs.

WP5 uses the results from all other WPs.

  • Task 5.1 Integration and evaluation of the VTS case (defined in WP1, CLOUD) (VTS)
  • Task 5.2 Integration and evaluation of the Philips case (defined in WP1, LANE) (PR) Task 5.3 Consolidation (ESI)
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