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INT: Integration and Communication Layer

VIEWW (Virtual worlds for well-being)

In the research work packages, techniques and algorithms are developed that are the building blocks for this integration work package. Rather than a single demonstrator, a toolkit and software library will be developed that allows easy construction of affective virtual worlds.

To achieve this we first need to make requirements analysis of the properties of the technologies that are required. Also standards must be developed for the exchange of information between the different components. Next, a close analysis of genericity and functionality of the individual software components must be made, and interface patterns must be recognized. This is followed by the design of a suitable generic API, such that data structures and algorithms are templated and can be instantiated by specific ones.

In this process, advanced and modern software design and construction methodologies are used. This way, the developed software suite can be easily re-used. This toolkit will be used to develop the Dance Pilot and Play Pilot work packages but also to create the technology demonstrators in the research work packages.

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