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Information Provenance

Data2Semantics (From Data to Semantics for Scientific Data Publishers)

Objective: Design, development and evaluation of methods and tools for scientific data provenance, covering representing, tracking, annotation and visualization of provenance data.

Provenance data are essential for (re-) interpreting scientific data over time. For correct semantic interpretation of scientific data we need to know, for example, when and how a biological experiment was performed, how a census survey was organized, or when and where a particular historical event description was written down. More generally, the work package aims to provide the appropriate metadata for scientific “objects”, such as data sets and articles.

In this WP we base the provenance representation on upcoming standards for the provenance of web data such as the Open Provenance Model8. We will develop in an evolutionary fashion methods and tools for generating, maintaining, tracking and interpreting provenance data. These results will be deployed both within P23, as well as in the sample domains of application partners in P6, P12, P20 and P26.

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