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P-Exercise: Exercise Pilot

VIEWW (Virtual worlds for well-being)

In this work package we will use the results of Animation, Sensing Emotion, and Tangible Interfaces work packages, together with the standards and interfaces from Integration and Communication Layer, to come up with a demonstrator in the field of play. The demonstrator will enable the user to perform sports or playful activities in a virtual world with real-life effects. The demonstrator mediates between the real and the virtual world and may contain features, not necessarily following the laws of physics, that help to include elements of storytelling, arts, and magic, in order to keep the interaction entertaining and engaging, and in order to keep the interaction motivating. Community aspects (virtual and real friends, enemies, competitors) will be integrated.

The demonstrator will assess the current level of performance in many variables and coach the user(s) into consistently better performance according to a pre-set goal. Prototypes and the final system will be developed in cooperation with prospective users to ensure the results will fit their needs and possibilities. During the last year of the project, we will develop a business case in collaboration with commercial partners to investigate the uptake of the results.

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