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Domain Requirements, Use Cases, and System Concepts

METIS (Dependable Cooperative Systems for Public Safety)

Objectives: WP1 investigates and defines use cases and domain requirements. This activity includes the examination of processes and infrastructures in the public safety domain, starting with the topic of protection of critical infrastructures, especially ports and energy distribution, as well as the analysis of exercises in disaster response. The gained knowledge is then used to define requirements and use cases that inspire, lead, and focus the iterative process of the research activities within the project.

The use cases shall encompass normal operations to be monitored for safety purposes, monitoring on heightened alert states based upon the integration of intelligence data, and reactions to emergencies that include a failure of parts of the infrastructure. The increasingly complex scenarios of the use cases will be used to define the demonstrators that validate the research. Moreover, this work package aims at identifying suitable system concepts for an information-centric, cooperative embedded system-of-systems for situational awareness in the area of public safety. It must be assured that the Metis system supports the objectives of the project, such as dynamic adaptability, reconfigurability, and built-in self-awareness for continuous, on-line dependability.

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