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Demonstration and Standardization

THeCS (Trusted Healthcare Services)

Objectives: This work package develops a demonstrator of a home healthcare system for COPD management (integrating the security technologies developed in the other work packages) that shows in particular interaction of the user with the security functionality. COPD patients can often benefit much from a change in lifestyle under medical supervision.

The demonstrator is used to evaluate the security functionality by systematic collection and analysis of feedback collected in user groups. The demonstrator will in particular show trust management and privacy preserving policies in selected scenarios for remote COPD management.

This work package will create two demonstrators (one in each requirement-design- validation cycle). The first demonstrator (a mock up of the final functionality) will be evaluated in WP1 and will serve to refine the requirements, improve the quality and guide the development in the second requirements-design-validation cycle. Finally, the work package will contribute to standardization in the area of security for healthcare by nationally and internationally contributing to the relevant standardization groups (e.g., Continua, HL7, NEN).

Standardization offers interoperability across the devices and services of different vendors. Thus it creates a market for remote healthcare products and prevents vendor lock-in. Standardization of security functions is particularly important because it supports users in establishing the trustworthiness of compliant services.

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