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Data Generation and Metadata Management for Biobanking with MRI and IMS

e-BIOBANKING (e-Biobanking with Imaging for Healthcare)

The aim of this work package is to establish content for a data management system and a web service to access the virtual tissue BioBanks. Through online collaboration 2d and 3D IMS datasets will be annotated and aligned. World-class pathologists will guide this data fusion process. The merged datasets will be made available through a virtual microscopy web service that will allow the online exploration and investigation of large image datasets originating from various image resources in the Netherlands.

New methodologies for image generation, both local and remote will be developed in close collaboration with TI-COAST using the e- Biobanking infrastructure developed in other work packages. In addition, existing metadata query tools will be employed that will allow feature based searches through the different image instances of the organism under study. It will establish the possibility of combined and correlated searches through different imaging modalities in 2 and 3 dimensions. For this purpose, new co-registration approaches using IMS compatible markers will be developed.

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