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CAAP: Context Aware Adaptive Privacy

SWELL (Smart Reasoning Systems for Well-being at Work and at Home)

Objectives: The use of multi heterogeneous sensory devices gives rise to an increased information level about persons but also poses an increased privacy risk, especially when ubiquitous sensors and devices are networked and connected to on-line services. User awareness and control are essential for privacy preservation and ultimately for the acceptance of well-being and well-working services. It is therefore crucial that the user is in control of data collection, processing and distribution. Somehow the user should be empowered to control his/her privacy, e.g. by delegation, consent, policy management, or via existing user centric identity management solutions.

User privacy control however is not easy to achieve in ubiquitous environments. Privacy control must be user intuitive and non-intrusive, i.e. it must be adaptive to changing contexts. Context aware adaptive privacy exploits the ability to sense and use contextual information to augment or replace traditional user privacy control mechanisms by making them more flexible, intuitive and less intrusive. The objective of WP3 therefore is to research and implement personalized, adaptive, and non-intrusive privacy control through reasoning.

In particular, WP4 researches and demonstrates how the end-user controls the gathering, processing and distribution of information. The underlying mechanism is based on policies that allow the user to express what information sharing is allowed. The policies are personal and adaptive to the user’s preferences. It is essential that the user is able to set information sharing policies in an intuitive and simple way, i.e. that he/she is in control.

This work package elaborates and specifies reasoning algorithms from WP2 and WP3 and uses user interaction results from WP5 and WP6 to optimize intuitiveness of non-intrusiveness of privacy controls. WP5 and/or6 will integrate and demonstrate the technologies developed in WP4.

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