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EWIDS (Very large wireless sensor networks for well-being)

Objectives: The objective of knowledge consolidation is to generalize the project's research results, to make them re-usable for application beyond the (limited) scope and time-line of the current project.

Knowledge consolidation provides a sustainable basis for exploitation of research findings, allowing a significant multiplier of the original research investment to be realized. Successful knowledge consolidation incorporates a variety of activities, but mainly:

  1. the elaboration, quality improvement and generalization of research results, and
  2. the application of the results in a different context, i.e., in different projects within or outside of COMMIT, in completely different user domains of for new industries.

A precise consolidation plan will be produced in the first month of the project. The reason for postponing this activity, is caused by the fact that we believe it to be prudent to organize a separate 1-day workshop on how to disseminate and consolidate the results. As such, it is felt proper to postpone this until the project has formally started. Consolidation work will be embedded in the project, as part of the various activities of the PhD students and their supervisors.

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