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CF: Computational Framing

INFINITI (Information retrieval for information services)


To develop and validate tools for automatically linking frames in communication with frames in public opinion in the area of economics and politics. To investigate the dynamics and impact of frames in difference channels.


Frames are ways in which issues are presented, emphasizing the salience of certain aspects and downplaying other aspects. Our current research of how frames affect opinions and evaluations is based on static research designs and there is a need for more detailed and dynamic understanding of evaluations. In the economic arena, knowledge of sentiments and emotions is pertinent for political elites and businesses that have to operate in a global and rapidly changing market where consumer responses can make or break a business.


The core application is issue management, especially in economics (relation to WP2 and WP3) and politics (relation to WP2). Description of work: The industrial partners (through TL) will provide use cases, data and inform the experimental task settings; UvA combines its strengths in communication and information technology.

  • Task 4.1: query modeling for frame finding (UvA, TL).
  • Task 4.2: linking extracted perspectives with public opinion data on economic perception (UvA, TL).
  • Task 4.3: develop a dynamic model of changes in the politico- economic information environment and party evaluations and support that depends on economic as well as political reporting (UvA, TL).
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