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BIRI: Business Idea Rating Institute

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Business Idea Rating Institute


BIRI Method is an integral, objective rating for business ideas. This will build a bridge between idea/innovation and financing which increases effectivity (chances of succes) and efficiency (time till financing).

BIRI Rating Tool shows positive and negative elements and risks of business ideas and the idea-owners. This rating offers valuable insights for both financers as well as idea-owners. Going through the BIRI process improves the quality of business ideas.

BIRI Platform offers an online platform where business idea-owners can develop their idea to an accepted standard business plan format together with a rating score. BIRI offers help on the business-like aspects if necessary by experts. The BIRI Platform allows for idea-owners, professional advisors and experts, financers and knowledge institutes to easely get in touch to collaborate on the most promising level.

BIRI method forces an idea-owner to evaluate all aspects of a business idea and supports him with insight and focus (a self learing process). All this to become an attractive investment for financers and guarantee a well-prepared start.

BIRI offers financers an independent, thorough and objective review of the possibilities and risks of the business idea. BIRI enables them to select possibilities in an effective and efficient manner. This is the starting point for the own intake procedures of the financers.

BIRI offers a structured platform where professional advisors and experts can view ideas based on their interests, skills and experiences. Experts keep track within their specific field and have access to potential new business.

BIRI offers knowledge institutes access to date for research and valorisation, gives structure and insights in entrepreneurship to scientific idea-owners and offers access to study cases.

BIRI stimulates the idea-owner to improve his idea, helps him see the challenges and the risks and evaluates the completeness and quality of the business case.

BIRI is an indepent institute founded in the Netherlands and to be rolled out in whole of Europe.

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