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Agrifood Knowledge Disclosure Services

e-FOOD (e-Foodlab)

The objective of this work package is to develop new ways to disclose knowledge and information sources in agrifood R&D through automated services. We focus onthe areas of plant breeding research and the production of sustainable food ingredients. Other applications will follow, for example on biobased economy.

The purpose of creating these services is to make relevant information available to SME’s in agrifood, but also to industryin generaland governmental institutes. At present, relevant sources are often hard to find, the quality of information varies and it is not possible to access the information from a personalized (context-dependent) point of view. This work fits within the growing availability of public sources as Linked Open Data.

The main challenge in this work package is to create methods to perform semantically enriched search, automated annotation of documents and automated selection of relevant sources. Another objective is to allow lower granularity of the items found, for examples specific sections or paragraphs rather than complete documents. It is also necessary to develop new ways to expose formal vocabularies to end users, in such a way that their complexity is hidden. Finally, the use of statements (triples) rather than just concepts or terms in search applications is still a challenge.

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