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Adaptive Data Dissemination

EWIDS (Very large wireless sensor networks for well-being)

Objectives: In WP1 emphasis is on devising adaptive in-network gossip-based solutions for large-scale wireless systems. We are particularly interested in finding efficient context-aware and fully decentralized solutions for information dissemination.

To this end, we will develop adaptive low-level (i.e., MAC-level) algorithms that can support efficient information diffusion. For example, the nodes in a network need to increase their gossiping (i.e., data exchange) frequency when the rate at which events take place increases as well. In turn, this requires that nodes need to communicate more often, and thus need to adjust their duty cycles.

We will also investigate how applications can influence these decisions by providing specifications on their behavior. Given these specifications, a node can proactively increase its gossiping frequency, for example, because it knows that many different events need to be rapidly disseminated. In contrast to the work done in WP2, our solutions will most likely be tied to low-level hardware characteristics.

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