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Ir. Arnold Vermeeren

Assistant Professor on Human-Computer Interaction and Human-Product Interaction; initially in the section Informational Ergonomics (Dept of Ergonomics), later in the section Human Information and Communication Design (Dept. of Industrial design).

Arnold Vermeeren gained his Master's degree (ir.) as an Industrial Design Engineer at TU Delft in 1987.

He graduated at Océ Nederland bv in Venlo on a project involving the design of the user interface for writing documents on a (at the time) futuristic multimedia document system.

He works as an assistant professor at the Faculty of Industrial Design in the Human Communication Information Design group. His teaching and research (conducted in international projects collaborating with academic institutes and industry) initially focused on methodological issues of usability testing (the topic of his PhD thesis, which is due in March 2009); since 2006 it also includes user experience (UX) evaluation methods and the development of tools for UX evaluation.

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