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Ir. Anne Cornelis van Rossum

Works for Almende

Anne Cornelis van Rossum has a bachelor of science in Electrical Engineering at the Technical University Delft. This involves CMOS chip design, matlab, speech synthesis. He has a master of science in Media & Knowledge Engineering at the Technical University Delft, which covers the fields of artificial intelligence, digital signal processing, grammar parsers and semiotics. During those years, Anne has been working as a teaching and lab assistant in the electronics labs at the university.

Anne is currently pursuing a PhD degree at TiCC at Tilburg University on applying statistical physics in modular robotics

Research topics:

  1. Modular and swarm robotics. 
  2. Using self-organization principles contemporary problems in robotics are addressed. 
  3. Robotic metamorphosis, shape shifting from one robot body shape to another, can be done by artificial gene regulatory networks. 
  4. Cognitive sensor fusion can be enhanced by using attention mechanisms on top of associative memory. 
  5. Distributed pattern recognition can detect global patterns through local communication in wireless sensor networks. 
  6. Many self-organization principles originate from statistical, non-equilibrium physics - self-organized criticality, self-propelled particles - and if possible applied to improve on the state of the art of artificial intelligence methods.


  1. modular robotics
  2. swarm robotics
  3. artificial intelligence
  4. sensor fusion
  5. embedded programming
  6. neural controllers
  7. robotic engineering
  8. applied neuroscience
  9. wireless sensor networks
  10. multi-agent systems

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