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PhD Freek van den Berg

PhD Student, Performance Evaluation of Component-Based Software. Design and Analysis of Communication Systems. Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science.
Freek has a broad range of interests. He has followed courses in the area of mathematics, psychology, computer science, information science, management, business, artificial intelligence and philosophy. This enables Freek to switch between different disciplinaries and to hence deliver his message to people of different backgrounds.
Freek is currently persusing his PhD at the University of Twente regarding performance evaluation of component based software. He develops models and techniques for performance evaluation. He spends a vast amount of time at Philips Healthcare to investigate medical machines, which form the basis of case studies.

Freek is currently working on a domain specific language for service systems called iDSL. This language supports automated simulations and model checking as means to obtain performance results."
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