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Bram Snip

Project Manager at Centric TSOLVE

  • Project management: Multidisciplinary projects in international environments (NL, UK, USA, China..). Prince 2 foundation+practitioner certified. Scrum master certified.
  • Quality: CMMI and ISO9001 projects (as project manager)
  • Embedded stystems (Consumer electronics, Automotive, Test and Measurement equipment, Medical appliances, Wireless products and solutions)
  • CE/Safety certification: Managing CR / Safety projects
  • Software: (C,C++,Modula,Fortan,Assembly,Office basic,PHP,Java,HTML)
  • Specialties:Project management. Multisite projects. International projects. Multidisciplinary (SW, HW, Mechanics), Embedded systems development, PHP/SQL/WEB solutions, CMMI.

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