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Prof. dr. Arno P.J.M. Siebes

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Arno Siebes is Professor of Large Distributed Databases at the Institute for Informatics and Information Sciences at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics. His research focuses on databases and data mining.

‘Many people randomly collect data without first formulating a hypothesis that they would like to test. We as dataminers try to discover patterns in these data. At my previous job I primarily worked with data from insurance companies and marketeers. Working at Utrecht University allows me to broaden my scope and research a much wider selection of data in collaboration with other scientists.’ 

‘I like working with biomedical researchers. They generate a lot of data about hereditary diseases. We do not yet know which genes play a role in many diseases. And of course, other factors play a role as well. We have a huge set of seemingly incongruous data at our disposal which in principle should allow us to find the cause of a disease. I find hunting for that link very exciting. It’s fascinating that you can know so much yet know so little at the same time.’



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