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Dr. Rakesh Shukla

Works for Infosys

Skilled academic and researcher in Software Engineering

During my 25 year career in Software Engineering working in academic, research, corporate and government organisations, I have:

  • demonstrated my ability to plan, develop and teach Software Engineering and Information Technology courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in a variety of contexts.
  • developed and demonstrated my capacity to engage in high quality research including ability to initiate, manage, complete and publish research.
  • demonstrated commitment to excellence in academic leadership and many aspects of academic function by initiation of new programs and courses, establishment of computer centres and a new department, curriculum development and involvement in foreign collaborations.
  • demonstrated my ability to lead, educate and train faculty and staff.
  • developed and demonstrated effective interpersonal skills and high level of communication skills both oral and written including technical report writing.
  • managed, supervised and developed small, medium and big-sized multi-stakeholder academic, industry and research software development and testing projects in teams and individually. 
  • demonstrated my ability to lead small and medium-sized software development and testing teams. 
  • achieved extensive experience in software lifecycle, software processes, process models, project management, configuration management, quality assurance, requirements discovery, change requirements management, analysis, design, modelling, coding, testing, debugging and deployment, in commercial, academic and research environments.
  • obtained software management and development experience in various areas including commercial, academic, telecommunication, mobile and healthcare.

Specialties:Skilled academic in the area of software engineering with research background in software testing and empirical evaluation. Experienced in managing software projects from conception to deployment and experienced in all facets of educational pedagogy. Skilled in developing and implementing policies and procedures.

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